Chapter V - Red Army: Operation "Uranus" (November 1942)

While Soviet forces contained enemy in heavy battles by means of 62nd and 64th Armies, fresh forces were concentrating on the right bank of the Volga river, reinforced by reserves from the General Headquarters of the Red Army and from other fronts. Russians were constantly counter-attacking Wehrmacht forces, trying to tire out the enemy in bloody street battles. Since the beginning of November, Germans started to act in small groups, as they were out of personnel to conduct larger operations.

However, Hitler didn't want to accept another failure of his plans on seizing the city, and forced his troops to continue the assault with "increasing intensity". On December 11-12, German command decided to conduct another major offensive on 62nd Army and threw five infantry and two tank divisions against it, reinforced by separate engineer/assault battalions that were re-deployed to Stalingrad on airplanes. By November 11 night, German forces managed to seize Southern part of the "Barrikada" plant and reach river Volga, securing the 500-meters long coastline. However, they didn't manage to change the situation significantly. Wehrmacht divisions suffered great losses, 305th and 79th infantry divisions, for example, have lost almost every single man.

By the mid-November, German advancement towards the city was stopped along the entire frontline, Wehrmacht forces had to go on defensive. Soviet HQ decided to conduct a strike on the Group of Armies "B" by means of South-Eastern, Don and Stalingrad fronts, which would result in surrounding and annihilating 6th infantry and 4th Tank Armies of Wehrmacht.

Forces engaged in combat during the period shown in "Stalingrad":

Imperial Romanian forces (3rd Army):

IV-th Army Corps. (Brigade General Aurely Son):

  • 13-th infantry division;

  • 15-th infantry division;

  • defeated romanian troops;

11 Tank Division;

Wehrmacht (4-th Tank Army):

14-th tank division (Gen.-Lieutenant Anhern);

Wehrmacht (6-th Army):

24-th Tank Division (Gen.-Lieutenant Arno von Lensky);

Red Army (South-Western front):

21-st Army (Gen.-Lieutenant Chistyakov);

  • 45-th Tank Brigade;

  • 102-th Tank Brigade;

  • 4-th Mechanized Brigade;

  • 193-th Rifle Division;

  • 339-th Rifle Regiment;