Chapter IV - Red Army: Defending of Stalingrad city (September 1942)

The situation at the Stalingrad front was critical for soviets during the entire September. In the beginning of September, 62nd Army was forced back to the western and northern outskirts of the city, 64th moved to the south. Both these armies suffered great losses during battles on approach to the city, but there was nobody else to defend Stalingrad, and HQ ordered them to take first strike of Wehrmacht.

When 6th field Army and 4th Tank Army came within the reach of Stalingrad outskirts, Germans decided to begin new assault.

According the initial plan, Stalingrad should have been stormed by two simultaneous strikes of the 6th Army, which would link in the center of the city. First strike by three infantry (295th, 71st, 94th) and one tank (24th) divisions was directed to the East and was to be started at the settlement Aleksandrovka. Second strike was planned to be conducted by three divisions (29th mechanized, 14th tank, and 20th Romanian) from station Sadovaya to north-east. Two strikes were aimed to crush soviet defense and lead to the fall of the city. The storming began on September 13, marked with fierce fights in the Stalingrad suburbs.

September 14th is considered the day of most intensive battles on the Stalingrad front. Fierce fights took place around Mamaev Hill, on the banks of Tsaritsa river, at the grain elevator and at the western outskirts of Verkhnaya Elshanka settlement. In the second half of the day, enemy breached defenses in the vicinity of settlement Kuporosnoye, at Dar-Gor, along river Tsaritsa and at the Aviagorodok. In September 1942, after pitched battles groups of German infantry and tanks managed to battle through to river Volga, cutting off region Voroshilovsky and 4th independent rifle brigade from the center of the city. However, Soviets managed to withstand German assault and pull enemy into dragged-out street battles. This tipped off the scales in Russian’s favor.

Forces engaged in combat during the period shown in "Stalingrad"::

Wehrmacht (4th Tank Army):

14th tank division (Lieutenant General - G. Angern ):

     * 36th tank regiment of the 14th Tank Division

     * 29th mechanized division (Lieutenant General Leyser)

     * 94th infantry division (artillery General G. Pfeiffer )

Wehrmacht (6th Army):

  • 24th tank division (Lieutenant General Arno von Lensky)

  • detachments of the 71st infantry division (Lieutenant General Alexander von Hartmann)

Red Army (Stalingrad front):

62nd Army (Lieutenant General Chuikov);

  • 35th guard rifle division

  • 13th guard rifle division

  • 284th guard rifle division

  • 193rd rifle division

  • 339th rifle regiment

  • 416th rifle regiment

  • 271th NKVD regiment

  • 133th tank brigade

  • 6th tank brigade

  • Labor battalion of the Red October plant

  • Marine infantry battalion, Volga fleet

  • Penal batallion