NKVD Officer on Gen. Paulus, excerpts from the diary

These are the excerpts from a historical document, diary of NKVD special-service officer, senior lieutenant Tarabrin, who spent several days with captured German generals and wrote down their dialogues.

Documentary Stalingrad, part I

This is a compilation material made up from quotations of actual archive materials: reports, orders, letters by Red Army and Wehrmacht soldiers. This is a kind of a look "behind the scenes" of the great battle on river Volga, which not only illustrates the global changes at fronts, but also thoughts and feelings of the people who fought at Stalingrad.

Pz.Kpfw-VI Tiger Tank: The Story of the Iron Beast

This article was initially written for gaming site DailyTeleFrag, where it appeared in its first edition. The updated version posted here reveals the story of creation and tactical employment of German heavy tank Tiger. Some related details, such as Tiger deployment under Stalingrad and its part in Battle of Stalingrad, are also being discussed.