Stalingrad in the reviews [25.05.2005]

One of the first reviews for Stalingrad just appeared at British site Blitzkrieg-Portal. It gives our beloved game a whopping 9/10 rating, which is very gratifying. Reviewer points out that the amount of work needed to create the game:

"The amount of work that has gone into Stalingrad to make it as historically accurate as possible is impressive. Combined with 36 challenging maps, the number of new units and buildings and the changes to the interface and gameplay, Stalingrad compares well with Blitzkrieg and its expansions such as Burning Horizon, Rolling Thunder and Mission: Barbarossa".

It's Victory Day! [06.05.2005]

Another Victory Day draws near. This day has become a kind of landmark for our project. On May 9th last year, we congratulated our visitors with this holiday, while the game was still in development. Today we would like to congratulate all of you once again, all of you who's not indifferent to the history of our country, to its greatest battles and bitterest defeats. We've done what we wanted, showing people - by means of our game Stalingrad - what the war was like, how intense the struggle was and what it took to win. We understand that for many of the westerners, our game became an eye-opener, a new look at the Battle of Stalingrad.

We would like to commemorate the Great Victory and pray for all the people who gave their lives for it. It's Victory Day.

Massive update at the site [21.04.2005]

We have a massive site update today with two articles in the "Behind the Scenes" section. Check out Documentary Stalingrad, part I, a compilation of excerpts from archive materials: reports, orders, letters by Red Army and Wehrmacht soldiers. This is a kind of bitter look "behind the scenes" of the great battle on river Volga, which focuses on thoughts and feelings of the people who fought at Stalingrad. Also up today is an interesting article NKVD Officer on Gen. Paulus: excerpts from the diary, a rare historical document that describes several days from the life of captured German general.

We snatched Best Debut award at Russian Game Developers Conference [20.04.2005]

The whole DTF Games team has just returned from Russia's Game Developers Conference 2005 with a trophy. Our first project Stalingrad has been nominated for Best Sound and Best Debut awards, and we managed to get the latter. The mood was tense at the ceremony, and competition was tough, but now the shiny award is ours and the team is very proud of it. Thanks everyone! We think we deserved it.

The inscription in Russian says "Best debut of 2005".

English demo is here [28.02.2005]

Finally we have prepared an English demo version of the Stalingrad, our first foray into the RTS genre. Packed in a 330-Mb demo are missions from both Red Army and Axis campaigns, giving you the taste of this authentic historically authentic game.